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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 12, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. this is wjz eyewitness news. from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood. now it is complete coverage.
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it is wjz eyewitness news maryland's news station. a funnel cloud is forming in front of my house. >> i am adam may and we are assessing the damage after wild weather hits maryland. wild cracks of thunder, some tornado sirens heard across much of the area the storms moved through late this afternoon. right now the sky is clearing but there are still warnings and watches out there. we will show you a look at some of the damage in just a moment but first let's go to bernadette woods on the live doppler radar. there is still a huge cluster of thunderstorms making its way through and it made its way through the city and we have had numerous reports of
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hail and winds damage and now it is over on the eastern shore and we have severe thunderstorm warnings until 7:00. we have another severe thunderstorm warning in the park and where you see that purple to the north of henderson, there has already been reports of one inch hail in harbor county. a lot of damaging winds and the potential for hail. we have another severe thunderstorm starting to make its way south into virginia but there have been reports of wind damage and also hail around charms county and that's what we are tracking and we will have your full forecast coming up. adam? derek, what are you seeing where you are? >> reporter: we are seeing a few incidents in the hartford county and in two cases we
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heard about trees falling on the cars and a number of power lines have been knocked down by the storm. it is just befor 5:00 this afternoon causing quite a few people to be alarmed but the good news is there have been no structural damage to homes, nobody was home in the storms that happened earlier but there are a few trees down wait a few -- quite a few branches were snapped and there are a few incidents of power lines snapped so we will keep you posted. on that note, thousands of people are in the dark and we did just check in with the electric company and 1,000 people do not have power. another 600 people lost their power in baltimore city. we will stay on top of this for more coverage, you can find the
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updated forecast and you can track the storms 24 hours a day right there on our website. in other news, more revealing pictures for congressman anthony weiner and more calls for his resignation. more of his constituents want him to step down after some new locker room photos hit the internet. >> he always -- >> you know he voted to raise the debts -- >> reporter: it has turned into an argument on a public street sunday. many are demanding the embattled congressman resign and fueling the fire more leaked photos. >> how many do you have? >> i have about 100 and i would gladly handout more if i had more. >> reporter: these pictures were snapped at the congressional gym, potentially
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adding to his ethnicity struggles. >> he can now download the gentles of the 9th district congressman anthony weiner. >> did you vote for congressman anthony weiner? >> absolutely. >> and i am going to vote for him again if he is still there. >> reporter: right now his first priority is to complete his treatment making amends with his family and getting back to work. >> reporter: he has taken a leave of absence and many are saying he should not come back. >> we have made clear he needs to resign and focus on getting his own personal issues in order. >> it is too little too late. >> it seems to me the only job nancy pelosi was interested in seeing was congressman anthony weiner. >> reporter: in queens new york
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wjz eyewitness news. >> congressman anthony weiner has not said how long his absence will last. for the mayoral candidate, catherine pugh did not send out a suggestive tweet which made a comment about some good looking men at the events. she said most of her staffers sent out the message and she is not sure who sent out that message. congresswoman gabrielle giffords looks great and the office sent out these pictures today on her facebook page. she has shorter darker hair and they were taken about a month ago. she could be released from the hospital by the end of the month. a baltimore city police officer is recovering after being involved in an early morning accident. a driver t- boned the officer's car. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for back and neck
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pain and we will find out how he is doing tonight. the wallow fire has burned now 7,000 acres. people who have been evacuated are now allowed to return home but they are warned to stay away because the air there is very dangerous to breathe. today we learned the name of a man who died near ocean city. 59-year-old henry chunk died when a fishing boat flipped over. none of the people on the boat were wearing life jackets. a popular swimming spot in rock state park is shut down after and it comes at a time when it is the busiest season. >> reporter: in rock state park it has already proven deadly for two swimmers in the last 11
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months. now park rangers say it is off limits. >> the sign starts 100 yards down. >> reporter: the closure comes one week after a 19-year-old soldier stationed there drowned during the memorial day weekend. it happened last year when 31- year-old phillip became stuck under a rock. he went under and was not able to get free. >> he had serious bodily injuries due to the rapids and the way the water throws you around. >> reporter: the water in this section is only three feet deep and looks calm but rescuers say it often takes swimmers by surprise. >> they hit the rapid area and they try to get out and that's usually the problem they are trying to get out... >> reporter: rangers are spreading the warning too.
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park rangers have not said when or if that section of dear creek rapids will be opened. wjz eyewitness news. >> and above and below those areas are still open to swimmers. coming up a major mistakes on a construction project. they are just scared. >> it is an amazing video when a crane crashes right into a house. also trouble at the issue cuss, a frightening fall -- at the circus. and a frightening fall, we will let you know if anymore rain is coming your way in the first warning forecast. . complete coverage continues complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist, p?p?p?p?p?p?p?
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it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. . a project goes horribly wrong in minnesota, take a look. >> well the crews there is the after math they were picking up a heavy object but the crane could not handle the weight and the crane company says they will pay for all the damages. spectators watch in horror as a circus performer plunged.
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ring link brothers was preparing for an act when he fell 20 feet to the ground. he suffered minor hip and wrist bruises. he is expected to be okay. the cause is under investigation. she was last seen at indiana university. she decided to walk home after a night with friends and never made it home to her apartment. her mother angrily addressed the person who may have kidnapped or harmed her daughter. >> i want to say to the person who has lauren or who has harmed her, shame on you. >> they are offering a reward for information leading to their daughter's safe return. an amtrak engine broke down in perryville and left passengers stranded on a swelt terribling hot -- sweltering
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hot train. the people had to wait two hours before they were transferred to a working train. we see that so often, train lines can't handle all the hot temperatures. >> and a lot of them are giving rise to the thunderstorms we are seeing and we have a cool down on the way. >> that would be a nice change. severe thunderstorms for a good portion of the eastern shore and we have watches and warnings and we will have all of that coming up in your of that coming up in your forec[ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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. all right, we just got in some numbers, most of the
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outages are in run tell county and several customers don't have power and we see the number of power outages going up. and that's a lot where there is a thunderstorm warning in that area. >> the other one is harper county and at this hour we do have those severe thunderstorms out there and it has pushed over to the eastern shore and they dropped the thunderstorm warning for charles county all of the warnings at this hour, we had reports of one inch sized hail as it passed through which is on edge wood. it is where the hail is coming down and gusty winds are going back to the south of annapolis but there are no warnings on that side. all of the warnings on the
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eastern shore are until 7:00 tonight the one that has been canceled has not been updated on the map. in addition a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 8:00 but as they pass to the south it has been canceled further to the south. it is only where we see thunderstorms right now which is what i am trying to tell you. as far as everything goes. here is the line, it came in. it started to explode and ahead of it we had isolated thunder showers and even a couple of warnings but the worst is with that line we are tracking right now. winds behind it around to the northwest and this will bring a big changeover the next few days. -- change over the next few days. the dew points are still high and it is very muggy and everywhere south of that very warm and muggy but behind that line the dew point is coming down and that will be the
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biggest change tomorrow as we lose that humidity and it will feel so much cooler outside. the average high is 82 and the next couple of days will be just below that average so when we put it together, here is the front. it exploded as we move through the afternoon hours and that's pushing off to the south and it is the cooler air that is going to come our way for tomorrow. we remain in this cool air mass and we will have a chance of a shower or two in the second half of the week and that's when we'll see a real chance for showers and storms will return. starting tonight at midnight with the northwesterly winds picking up, strong thunderstorms will be coming to an end, 59 degrees for our low, we are starting to cool it down tonight. up to 80 for the high tomorrow much less muggy than it has been. very enjoyable day very sunny
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skies. a chance for a pop-up storm but it locks the cool to air in place and by wednesday we are still cool out there. humidity will be building during this point on friday. humidity will start to build once again and we'll see a storm system and scattered showers and storms. we will keep you updated on that and if anything else happens we will let you know on our website a look at what is coming up, baltimore orioles were able to sneak in that game but the baltimore orioles right now need magic. their number is 30 and 33 and it will take them that much to get them back on the up side. they hit 15 of the last 21 and they have been solo shots. they have been solo shots. more on that when,, @
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. on wjz eyewitness news another baltimore orioles game beats the dust. >> and collectively for the team the second best road team is behind boston. in the end tampa bay earned the upper hand on the final scoreboard. skipper buck showalter and the baltimore orioles losing before evan longoria's tattoos are long gone. it is in vain, longoria wants it longoria gets it inside the park home run. bottom of the 8th let's not
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forget luke scott. baltimore orioles climbed three runs on that shot and that's how many runs they lose by, 3. they have taken the series 2 games to one. >> thankfully there was a game to be won. but we did some things that were not particularly smart and we paid for it. >> game six, if the dallas mavericks beat the heat they will win and sounds like pressure miami... >> we worked hard all year and to get home court even though we are in an elimination game -- i will limb nation game we still have a great opportunity. -- he will limb nation game -- i will limb nation game we still have a great opportunity.
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that's it. >> and the awards will be handed out to us on w j.z. and they will be glued to the television. >> reporter: he is a collector starting with... >> baseball cards. >> reporter: then on to a real baseball. >> mikey mantel. over the years i started collecting movie posters. >> reporter: what has held on to his heart is spilled out on his living room table. >> byebye birdie which became a television show... >> reporter: he has hundreds of play bills. they were given out at broadway shows. he has been to about half of these shows and friends gave him the rest. ink on a page to some but a revelation to him. >> they left me spell bound at
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times and inspired. >> reporter: he dreams of being a play right but until then, he is just a page away and what is a show without music? >> these are the magic soundtracks to these play bills. this is a 1954 pontiac. >> reporter: if you have a spare play bill, he would be happy to see that. eyewitness news. >> meet collection of play bills that is immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00 and we are following breaking news coming out of the county. a man was struck by lightning and he collapsed following a loud clap of thunder. a good samaritan started cpr until medics arrived. he was rushed to shock trauma
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in cardiac arrest. we are still trying to learn more about his condition and how this happened tonight. it proves if it is not winds damage, it is the -- wind damage it is the potential for lightning. >> it is one of the most dangerous things out there, if dangerous things out there, if you can ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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